Blackout Blinds 

A “blackout blind” is term architects use to describe a blind intended to “block out the light” and is a common option for schools or offices. A blackout roller blind with opaque fabric stored inside a cassette is called a “blackout blind” in the blinds industry. The material flows inside side channels to completely block off all light around the edges. Since there are relatively few blinds that will genuinely ensure 100 percent blackout, most manufacturers refer to these blinds as “dim-out blinds.”

What Are Blackout Blinds? 

Blackout blinds are intended to increase seclusion in your house by preventing light from flowing through the fabric. The blackout fabric helps prevent light from shining onto screens, making them best suited for bedrooms and places with screens like living rooms and offices. Any blackout blinds are recommended for bedrooms to help you get the best night’s rest.

They also have thermal qualities that keep your room cool throughout the sweltering summer days by preventing draughts from entering the windows. Any bleed-through of natural light around the fabric and blind components is lessened by fitting into a window. In the living area, blackout roller blinds are in various hues. Our most popular blackout blinds are blackout roller shades.


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Blackout Blinds

Types Of Roller Blinds

  • Blackout Roller Blinds

Our selection of blackout roller blinds is available here. With kitchen window coverings with vertical blackout blinds, you can regulate the amount of light that enters your space. The slats can be angled to permit light during the day or block light and increase seclusion. They are perfect for large windows and in any room that needs optimum light control. Our PVC waterproof fabric alternatives are a practical solution for kitchens with various basic colors and designs and a wipe-clean feature. 

  • Blackout Roman Shades

The living room’s roman blind has a blackout design. A useful blind for your bedroom, Roman Blinds contains a front-facing fabric and a blackout behind the material that helps insulate the blind. It will help keep light from getting through, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep. The blind’s insulating properties preserve heat inside your house, which is ideal for winter and lowers energy costs. Our roman blinds come in many textured fabrics such as velvets, suedes, and traditional weaves. We also have a collection of patterns, plains, and metallics suitable for every room.

Why Choose Blackout Blinds From Best Curtain Abu Dhabi?

We have several available options, including PVC waterproof fabrics ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and other spaces with high moisture levels. Stripes, florals, and Disney movie icons are just a few of our patterns. We even offer a wide selection of simple choices in various colors and textures when you desire a minimalist aesthetic. Our roller blinds are adaptable and give any space a unique feel.

Hopefully, you feel well-equipped with the knowledge to shop for your blackout roller blind with assurance. All our blinds are made from the highest-quality components, have a three-year warranty, and cost less than those sold by a high-street retailer. You are welcome to order as many free samples of blackout fabrics as you like. Browse our collection to get started.