Roman Blinds

Fabric intended to pleat when elevated is used to make Roman blinds. Slats are attached to wires and mounted onto the back of a fabric panel to create the blinds. Cords pull the slats together as the blind is raised, causing it to fold into pleats. Roman blinds can be made from various fabrics, including cotton, linen, silk, and synthetics. The variety of colors, designs, and materials available make a fantastic alternative to curtains. Roman shades make it simple and efficient to adjust the lighting. 

If complete darkness is required, blackout options are available, and they can be modified based on the time of day or season. They can be made more energy efficient by selecting thermal lining. You can install this kind of blind either outside or within the recess. We advise choosing outside because it provides more light and is very simple to install. Furthermore, bounce-back won’t be a problem, and the cloth won’t likely fade in the sun. Roman shades are simple to operate and have a stunning appearance. 


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Roman blinds

Key Benefits Of Roman Blinds

  • Design Choices

The main benefit of roman blinds is your sheer breadth of options. Depending on your choice, a roman blind can be soft and feminine or masculine and tailored. Additionally, there is something available for any budget; pricing is determined by the fabric type, size, and headrail selection.

  • Timeless Style

As their name suggests, Roman blinds have been used for centuries and have developed in style to become what we are familiar with today. It’s a traditional blind style that doesn’t frequently go in and out of “vogue.”

  • Light Control

Roman blinds have a pleated design that gives them lots of flexibility between open and closed to block or let in light, even though they don’t provide nearly the same level of light control as blinds with tilting slats.

  • Energy Efficient

Compared to drapes, Roman blinds use around 25% less fabric. Roman blinds correctly lined and fashioned from suitable fabric are a stylish and practical option every season, whether you’re trying to keep heat inside or out.

  • Safety Considerations

The rear of traditional roman blinds comprises several rings and wires. Loops can form when the cables are dragged away from the shade, posing a risk of strangulation for kids and animals.

How do roman blinds work? 

Sections of the blind fabric contain individually stitched rings that are threaded through a thin cording. As the string is slowly pulled, the cloth can wrinkle, allowing the blind to form and adjust as needed in the window space of your choice. Because the wires are properly concealed to the side of your blinds, small details like this won’t detract from the overall appearance and atmosphere of the area you’ve designed.

Why Choose Roman Blinds From Best Curtain Abu Dhabi?

Every one of our Roman blinds is custom-made from your preferred fabric. We provide a special length of braid that gives your Roman blinds an extra dimension and allows you to customize them further. We strongly advise receiving a few fabric samples to see how they will look and feel in your house before placing an order. Let us know the width and drop of your window to receive approximate pricing and professional advice on the best linings and finishes for you.

roman blinds